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The Dwarf Cat Association
follow the Yellow Brick Road ... follow the Yellow Brick Road ...
follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Yellow Brick Road ...
A special thanks, always, to the earliest dwarf breed cat breeders,
to Terri Harris as the firstelected Munchkin Breed Chair in TICA,
and most of all to the darling Munchkin cats themselves, for paving this Yellow Brick Road that we now follow.
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TDCA thanks you for your time & interest in the dwarf breeds!!!
Munchkin -
As the story goes, the first Munchkins were discovered under a pick-up truck in Louisiana. They were the first dwarf breed developed and accepted by any registering association. They carry a dominant dwarfing gene, believed to be Achondroplasia-like, which shortens the long bones of their legs. The success of the Munchkin has been due to a few dedicated breeders that just wouldn't give up on these cute little short cats, first called "Baby-legs" by their founder.
Most of the other dwarf breeds have the Munchkin to thank for lending the dwarfing gene and, as Terri Harris, says, "for paving the Yellow Brick Road" so that others might follow.

Bambino - The Bambino is the short, hairless, hybrid child of the Munchkin & Sphynx. Other breeds may be considered & used to modify type as this breed develops further, but the finished Standard product will be short, hairless & just too cute.

Dwelf - The Dwelf is being developed through the outcrossing of Munchkin, Sphynx and American Curls. The Standard Dwelf is short, hairless and has ears that curl back at the tips.

Fantasy Cats - The Fantasy Cat’s distinctive features are its short legs in combination with a naturally occurring short tail and curled ears with large amounts of random white splash on both the body and head.  Fantasy cats are a hybrid breed. Founded by James Mellinger,  primarily from breeding between Munchkins, American curls, and a natural short tailed domestic tortoise shell, female named, “Tally” in California in 2007 and 2008. Medium built and well balanced fantasy cats are friendly, outgoing, and intelligent and enjoy handling and attention.

Genetta - The Genetta (GT) is a dwarf breed that is being developed using breeds such as munchkins, bengals, savannahs, DSH, and Oriental Shorthairs with the goal to create an exotic spotted or marbled dwarf cat that resembles an animal called an African Genet.

Jaguarundi Curl -

Kinkalow - The first Kinkalow was a deliberate breeding, by Terri Harris, of the American Curl to a Munchkin, born 1/10/1997, and produced a dwarf cat with curled ears.  His name was Munchkinlane's Kinkalow Louie.  The name originated from the curled ears & short legs. They have not approached any Association for registration yet.

Knooks - Kinkalow with a LaPerm/Skookum-type curled coat.

Lambkins - Cute with softly curled coats, Lambkins were developed through the outcross breeding of the Munchkin & Selkirk Rex.

MiniPers - The MiniPers are Tea Cup & Miniature Persians & Exotics, developed by Cher Simnitt in California, for those who prefer a smaller baby to hold. The MiniPers are not Achondroplastic-type dwarves, as are most of our hybrid breeds here, they are Primordial Dwarves, proportionate in all aspects, just smaller overall than a "regular" Persian or Exotic.

MiniPaws - The MiniPaws are Tea Cup & Miniature Persians & Exotics, developed at My Tea Purdys Cattery. The MiniPaws are a hybrid carrying both the Achondroplastic-type & Primordial-type dwarfism, they are proportionately small with shortened legs.

Minskin - The Minskin was developed, through outcrossing Munchkin, Sphynx, Devon Rex & Burmese. The Standard Minskin has "fur-pointed" extremities & a cashmere coated torso.

Napoleon - The Napoleon was developed, by Joe Smith, through the intentional mating of the Munchkin to the Persian. They have long, lovely coats & large beautiful eyes. They gained acceptance to Registration in TICA in February 2005.

Skookums - The Skookums were developed through the intentional breeding of the Munchkin to the LaPerm. They have short legs, sweet personalities and curly "low maintenance" coats.
The Dwarf Cat Association Mission Statement -

to work with breeders in the development, registration,
advancement and promotion
of all dwarf breed cats.

to work toward education & acceptance
by all breeders, pet owners & registering associations
of all dwarf breed cats.
   Munchkin, Napolean, Minskin, Skookum, Kinkalow, Lambkin, Bambino, Dwelf, MiniPers, MiniPaws, Jaguarundi Curl and other newly developing breeds will be repressented here. Articles that discuss the foundations, programs, ideas, accomplishments & failures of each breed will be accepted and added as submitted.
       We ask that you respect each breeder's rights in the development of each new dwarf breed, all will be accepted with equal welcome here ... the only exception being that the breed must be of good health & temperamentaly sound - intentionally breeding or promoting **physically limiting deformities** or health issues will not be accepted in this Association.

**Physically limiting derformities** It is NOT our belief that the dwarf mutation, that the Munchkin & hybrids carry, is a "deformity" (it is a mutation that shortens the long bones of the legs, primarily the front legs & to a somewhat lesser degree the back legs) or that it is "physically limiting" to these cats. We do not believe their quality of life is hampered due to their shortened stature. Our first promise as breeders should be to 'Do no harm', we will do our best in this Association to always take this oath seriously and to honour that promise.
The Dwarf Cat Association
AKA:  TDwarfCA
a subsidiary of The Designer Cat Association
Owned & Operated by Nina L. Adkins
Co-Founders -Nina L. Adkins - President
and Terri J. Harris - President Emeritus
Website & all original content property of Nina L. Adkins
- TDCA  ©2005
Indiviual pictures, site links  and/or articles  ©
of their respective author(s) and/or photographer(s).
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  Opinions, goals & registration processes are those of each breeder & do not necessarily reflect or imply the agreement of,
or consent by, the founders/owners/operators of TDCA.
Each breeder has the right to form their own opinions, structure their own breeding programs,
promote & seek advancement for their breed(s) as they see fit. Each breed has the right to fair & just consideration within the cat fancy.
We, at TDCA, support those rights as long as the breed being developed/produced is of good health & temperamentaly sound.
The intentional breeding or promotion of physically limiting deformities or health issues is not acceptable
& will not be repressented by TDCA in any way!
TDCA Accepts all Dwarf breed cats for Registration
they may be Registered in The Dwarf &/or The Designer Cat Association
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