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Genetta Cat
Genetta Breed Standard -
Genetta Breed History
The Genetta (GT) is a dwarf breed that is being developed using breeds such as munchkins, bengals, savannahs, DSH, and Oriental Shorthairs with the goal to create an exotic spotted or marbled dwarf cat that resembles an animal called an African Genet. The ideal Genetta should have short legs with a very long body producing a weasel-like appearance. The coat is pelt-like with dramatic spots/rosettes on light base color or a marbled pattern and the tail should be exaggerated, preferably longer than the body length, and ringed in the spotted coat varieties. Coat colors come in brown/black or silver in both spotted and marbled tabby patterns. The Genetta should have large rounded ears placed high on the head, a long neck, rounded eyes, and a weasel like muzzle with puffy nose leather. The cat should be quick moving, not inhibited by its short stature, playful, friendly, alert, confident, and very affectionate.

The Genetta Cat was created and named by Shannon Kiley of Pawstruk Cattery in 2006. Currently, Genettas are being registered as an Experimental Breed through TICA.
Breeder/Owner - Shannon Kiley
Pawstruk Secret Admirer - aka Stalker